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Direct Mail & E-mail Marketing

M&A provides turnkey direct mail and e-mail marketing services, from production through delivery, including:

  • Concept
  • Copy
  • Design
  • HTML
  • Printing & Lettershop (including international mailing)
  • List selection
  • Testing, measuring, reporting, evolving

For    clients   with   a   busy communications calendar, we can provide   the   flexible   resources   to   manage   tight deadlines, multiple   stakeholders,    and    overlapping    communications during   peak   times.

Relationship Marketing

Our team has decades of experience in an industry that's known for innovation in the disciplines of differentiating lifestyle identities and   building   customer   loyalty.   This   has   made   us   experts  at   producing   communications   that   are perfectly in tune with each client's unique strategic market positioning, creative guidelines and core brand values.

M&A provides the talent and initiative necessary to execute your marketing plans and create customized content in a variety of formats and media, allowing you to achieve quantifiable, direct results. Just a few examples of these ever-expanding channels include letters, e-mail, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, web sites, e-guides, point of sale and a host of emerging interactive channels and the out-of-home arena.

Interactive, Mobile and Social Media Marketing

The interactive nature of the internet in a “Web 2.0” world means that, more than ever before, customers are becoming engaged in “co-creating” the very meaning of a brand. Technological advances have changed forever the way marketing messages are disseminated, viewed and retained.

Through our understanding of evolving digital and mobile media channels, we offer our clients a richer variety of marketing opportunities. M&A can leverage any print or promotional campaign for interactive media, including viral marketing, e-mail campaigns, online advertising/search engine marketing (SEM), social networks and via mobile applications.

Deluxe Catalogs

M&A also specializes in working on such robust communications tools as hotel directories and deluxe cruise line brochures. For many of our clients, we maintain databases of product information and images   for   use   in   various   communication  channels,   and   facilitate   the   flow of information between a variety of channels and stakeholders.


We develop customized copy   and   design   that   capture   the  authentic,   relevant   experience   of   each   client's   brand.   Our job is not   only   to   create   compelling   opportunities   for  customer   interaction, but to be mindful, creative stewards of our clients'   valuable brands.

Our   experienced   team   can   help   your   company  establish  a  compelling brand   identity,   through   logo   and  stationery  design,   website   development,   and   our   full   line   of  marketing communications.

Strategic Planning

In addition to honing a message that helps our clients stand out from the crowd, M&A can provide professional account and media planning services to help our clients identify any gaps in marketing strategies, as well as guide you in getting the best return on your marketing dollars. Budgets, timetables, and accountability are established, improving the timing on delivery, and the effectiveness of all key elements.