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In today's rapidly changing global economy, we believe that good marketing creates not only a positive force in the world, but a way for people (whether a client or agency, buyer or seller) to give - and receive - something of value. These items of value are not  only   goods   and   services,   but   also   shared experiences, shared understandings, maybe even a greater sense of community and shared purpose.

We   strive   every   day   to   be   more   than   just an agency;  rather, we want   our clients   to think of   us as   a trusted collaborator and long-term partner.

Our strength as a partner lies in our ability to understand your unique brand message, as well as your short   and   long-term business objectives and challenges.   This allows us to   provide  unique   insights and creative solutions.   We then   formulate  detailed   plans that deliver measurable results, contributing to your long-term success.

Our best campaigns enable you to be a leader, to get your target audience behind you, excited by a new message, product or service. This excitement allows people to feel connected to a company or to a brand. We enjoy exploring the many ways that this connection can be grown over time.

With new leadership, M&A is poised for growth, providing our clients with expanding capabilities in new media. Everyone on our team is fascinated by the way people communicate. We are always examining - and embracing - the new ways people are communicating. We believe in using the newest technologies available, to deliver your messages. Our team can coordinate these messages across all forms of media.

We are also dedicated members of the travel   community   and  we   are   in good company. We find this community to be filled with creative, well informed, well-traveled, global citizens. We feel lucky to be able to work in an atmosphere that allows us to learn more about the world's cultures. We also find that people who love travel are more tolerant, and able to embrace diversity. Embracing diversity leads to greater creativity, and hopefully greater peace in the world.

At M&A we are constantly finding opportunities to learn, adapt and become more effective. It is our intention to maintain a place where happy, engaged people are encouraged to do meaningful work, leading to positive results in the real world. If you share our vision, we would like to hear from you-whether you are a potential client, collaborator or professional resource.